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​​About Us

The Asian Tropics Aesthetic Philippines

Welcome to the Asian Tropics!

The Asian Tropics Aesthetics Philippines is a collaboration of several cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery clinics in Metropolitan Manila (capital of the Philippines). As of this date, there are three (3) centers in different strategic locations (CBDs – central business districts) in the capital: 

1. The Asian Tropics Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Cubao CBD, Quezon City
2. McGill Cosmetic Surgery, BGC, The Fort CBD, Taguig City
3. NEU Advanced Aesthetics Centre at 1723 Centuria Medical Makati, Century City CBD,  Makati City

We are distinguished by our dedication to provide the highest quality of service in the field of enhancements. We are committed to giving our clients superior natural results with patient’s privacy/confidentiality and safety strictly being implemented at all times.

All our clinics are being professionally operated by board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the Philippines. We have the best facilities and offer a lot of options in treatments and procedures such as:

1. Machine-based body sculpting in selected clinics (RF and Lipo-cavitation)
2. Cosmetic Dermatology (Botox, injectable fillers, sclerotherapy, and mesotherapy)
3. Cosmetic Gynecology (vaginoplasty and labiaplasty)
4. Hair transplant
5. Cosmetic and Plastic surgery (facelift, nose lift, eyelid lift, eyebags removal, breast lift/augmentation/reduction, tummy tuck, liposuctions, butt lift, fat transfer, etc)
6. Stem Cell treatment (autologous – from own fat source)

Nature has its imperfection and time gradually wears away your youthful looks. Turn back the hands of time.. visit us now!