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​​Buttocks Enlargement

Buttocks Augmentation

Other terms: Butt augmentation, butt enlargement, butt reshaping, butt surgery, butt enhancement, gluteal enlargement, gluteoplasty

     Buttocks augmentation is a cosmetic/plastic surgical procedure to reshape (specifically to enlarge) the buttock. It can be done either by:
1. Insertion of soft implant like Silicone
2. Transfer of liposuctioned fat to the buttocks

     Making the bottom more shapier or curvaceous may not be the only reason to do gluteoplasty. A disproportionate butt (one is bigger than the other) or having a loose butt can also be an indication to correct the problem.

Implant Buttocks Augmentation
(butt implant surgery, gluteal implant, Silicone buttock enhancement)

     Involves insertion of a tear-shaped or round-shaped implant on each butt through an incision at the lower spine area at the back. Implant is best placed in-between the butt (gluteal/intra-muscular) muscle or Gluteus maximus, making it more stable and avoiding implant displacement and having the “shallow-look”. This type of buttock reshaping contours and projects the buttocks satisfactorily since the patient can choose different volumes/sizes of implants.

Buttock Fat Injections
(Brazilian butt lift, Brazilian butt enlargement, Buttocks fat transfer)

     Buttock fat transfer involves doing liposuction on certain body part/s then transferring or re-injecting the fat to the fat layer of the buttock. This is more natural since the donor site comes from the same subject (patient) and there is no fear of implant complications. There is however limitation on the volume of fat that can be injected (100-150cc per side) and typically it has to be repeated several time since the injected fat dissolves by 30-50%.