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Dr. Andrew G. Pineda - Surgical Staff

        Dr. Pineda is a specialist in the field of Natural Hair Restoration. He devotes his full time and attention to the Medical and Surgical solutions to hair problems. He has done over 5,000 hair transplant cases to date.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Andrew G. Pineda, MD
Medical School: Davao Medical School Foundation
Physician Licensure Examination: Professional Regulation Commission (Philippines)

Specialty Training (Preceptorial): Natural Hair Restoration         Institution of Specialization:

1. Dr. Robert Thomas, New York City
2. Dr. Robert McClellan, Boca Raton, Florida

3. Dr. Robert Elliot, Beverly Hills

Society Affiliations and Memberships:
1. Philippine Aesthetic Society

2. International Society for Hair Restoration

3. Philippine Society for Natural Hair Restoration

4. Philippine Medical Association

5. Makati Medical Society

6. Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

7. Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery  

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