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Body Contouring

RF and Lipo-Cavitation

RF or Radio-Frequency


Body Contouring Treatment

​     RF is a non-invasive treatment to reshape or contour the body and face using a device or probe (connected to a machine) that emits electromagnetic wave in the spectrum of radio-frequency (harmless waves). The waves are converted to heat and causes its effect on the tissue depending on the depth of penetration. 

What RF can treat:

1. Localized fat deposits (fat dissolution)

2. Loose skin (skin tightening)

3. Cellulites (breakeage of fat compartment)

     RF has the advantage of increasing the tone of the skin (through repeated treatments) as it stimulates the dermal connective tissue matrix to produce collagen.

Treatment areas are the following:

1. Face and neck

2. Arms and underarms

3. Bra line or wings

4. Tummy 

5. Love handles

6. Buttocks

7. Hips

​8. Inner thighs

     Each treatment usually lasts 30 minutes without any downtime. Treated area is repeated 2-3 time a week for 10-12 sessions to have good result. A tolerable level of heat will be experienced during the course of treatment. A decrease in measurement or skin tightening may be noticed immediately even on the first treatment. A maximum of 3-4 areas can be treated per day.

The Asian Tropics Body Contouring PROMO! (QC branch only)

RF - regular price P1500.00 per area per session

        now only P580.00 per area per session!

Body Contouring Treatment

     Lipo-Cavitation is a newer non-invasive body sculpting machine that also uses a probe. It however emits ultrasonic waves which when applied to the tissue, causes micro gas-bubbles formation around the fat cells. Due to the persistent vacuum and pressure waves, the micro-bubbles implodes and the impact energy released will subsequently burst the fat cells.

     Lipo-cavitation has more lipolysis capability than RF but has no collagen stimulating effect.

     Areas treated are the same as with RF except that it is rarely used on the face. 

     Treatment lasts 30 minutes without downtime. Two sessions per area per week is recommended. A maximum of 3 areas per day can be treated.

Lipocavitation PROMO only P980.00 per area per session (regular P2500.00) - QC branch only